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It is such a waste to throw away that candle container. Refill with waxes below with selected *in-store essential oil

Pricing for the refill = Wax price+ Refill service + Price of Essential oil*

Soywax - $2.50/100g
Beeswax - $8.00/100g
Beeswax-Coconut wax blend - $3.50/100g
Paraffin-Coconut wax blend - $2.50/100g

Refill service - $3/ candle inclusive of wick

Price of essential oil - varies with choice of essential oils ranging from $2 (eg Citronella)  to $15 (blends) per 10ml of essential oil 

Please collect candles on next business day in order to allow candles to harden properly. 

Preparing your containers

Kindly remove as much of the wax in your container as possible if not sufficiently consumed. It will be greatly appreciated as  it can reduce the exposure to fragrance oil to your candle refiller. You can leave the wick retainer (a metal piece often glued to the base) in the container and it will be reused where poossible. 

About waxes
Most soywax are derived from GMO corn and comes with the problems of soil degradation, deforestation and impacts on insects diversity. Coconut wax currently do not have issues flagged at the moment. Coconut wax can burn slightly faster than soywax. Beeswax used is obtained from Indonesia and a by-product from honey harvesting.

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