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How to sprout maple pea shoots

Harvest close to the pea seed by pinching or using scissors. It should pinch off without visible fibre to be crunchy. If fibre is seen at the pinched off point, cut further up the stem to avoid overly fibrous pea-shoots. Enjoy!


How to care for Byblis carnivorous plant

Exact species of this Byblis is not known but looks like a Byblis geuhoi (pronounced gay-ho-eye). Check out the paper on this nifty plant!


I have been growing and propagating this in sphagnum moss and just tap water :). If you are concerned about chlorine from your tap water, leave it overnight before watering the Byblis.  Please do not spray anything at the Byblis. No fertilizing please. You can repot into sand but not earthy/clayey soil. Peat moss may be used but acidic peat moss may affect the growth. 

Some people are sensitive to the sticky dew of the plant.  I have been handling it with bare hands without issues but just be careful and wash your hands quickly if you aren't sure. #byblis

If you have gotten the byblis from Eco.Le, share your #byblis_catches!  Hope you are having fun and soon your first #byblis_bloom !


The Byblis needs plenty of sun and can be heat tolerant as long as the medium (sphagnum moss) stays moist. The sunnier the weather, the more dewy the plant can become and its branches can become denser or 'bushier'.  The Byblis succumbs to mealy bugs easily. I do not have solutions/ mitigations against it. If you find a solution, please do share with us! Try to propagate whenever possible.


Prepare wet sphagnum moss. Do not fill the water to free standing water level as it may allow mosquito to breed. Take a cutting along the main stem. Shown here, a branched stem and a straight stem. Insert the byblis cutting securely into the sphagnum moss. 


Please feel free to join any plant/ gardening groups on Facebook or on the internet to learn more about this plant. Please share on the Eco.Le facebook or instagram if you find any tips to share! Thank you!

Mealy bugs on Byblis

This is sharing of knowledge based on goodwill.

The community is encouraged to explore the plant and the internet for more information just as I have explored the byblis plant I bought 3 years ago without instructions of care or propagation. 

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