Another ordinary zero-waste blogger in Singapore

There are many zero-waste bloggers in Singapore, all sharing very good, practical tips on going zero-waste.

So adding my micro-weight to the growing efforts and trend of zero-waste, I hope you will find something useful here for your journey to zero-waste as well.

Let's bring back sustainability like our ancestors knew how, long long time ago!

Starting the journey

I think the start is similar for most ZW-ers and it is so do-able!

  1. Re-usable insulated water-bottle

  2. Re-usable shopping bag

  3. Re-usable chopsticks

  4. Re-usable handkerchief

The water bottle has evolved over time and this is what I have settled for most of my trip out of the house. Works wonderfully for hot drinks, cold drinks of any size. People told me it is heavy. I just weighed it... 455g on empty so it will be like 1.5kg when filled. I think it is totally worth the weight in gold, after all these years 😁!

Handkerchiefs used are mainly the teddy-cloth types for its absorbency and durability. No more wispy plastic packs of tissues that tears easily upon wiping and some either smell suspicious or worryingly 'fragrant'.

The chopsticks also known as MyHashi do get soiled after use and may not always get cleaned conveniently outside. I just put it back in the casing or for cutlery that includes bamboo straw, I roll them away in a furoshiki after a wipe or a quick rinse.

With the quartet in tow, countless plastic bags, plastic cups, plastic bottles, paper cups, tissue, bamboo chopsticks, have been saved over the years.