Another ordinary zero-waste blogger in Singapore

There are many zero-waste bloggers in Singapore, all sharing very good, practical tips on going zero-waste.

So adding my micro-weight to the growing efforts and trend of zero-waste, I hope you will find something useful here for your journey to zero-waste as well.

Let's bring back sustainability like our ancestors knew how, long long time ago!

Starting the journey

I think the start is similar for most ZW-ers and it is so do-able!

  1. Re-usable insulated water-bottle

  2. Re-usable shopping bag

  3. Re-usable chopsticks

  4. Re-usable handkerchief

The water bottle has evolved over time and this is what I have settled for most of my trip out of the house. Works wonderfully for hot drinks, cold drinks of any size. People told me it is heavy. I just weighed it... 455g on empty so it will be like 1.5kg when filled. I think it is totally worth the weight in gold, after all these years 😁!