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Common sense often leads to zero (or less) waste

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

A few years back, due to the need to travel overseas for work, I had to take a raft of vaccines just to be able to get the work visa approved. Sometimes the vaccinations were done overseas and I remembered the discomfort when the nurse did the vaccination, without gloves not least to say that there wasn't any questions or briefing on check for suitability to be vaccinated or caution of adverse reactions.

In the recent show case of PM Lee taking the vaccinations, I noted that the nurse also did not put on gloves BUT she was seen first sanitizing her hands thoroughly well within the view of the video camera before proceeding with the preparation and injection.

Before settling for a regional norm and as a literate internet surfer, I of course did my usual contribution to the Google AI database by asking "why do nurses not wear gloves when making injections" to get opinions from various more established, establishments besides a blog opinion from a nurse. Yay for common sense and one less pair of disposable gloves, disposed.

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