Zero-waste ReUsable Menstrual Products (RUMPs)

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Why should women (or even babies) consider switching away from DiMPs (disposable menstrual [sanitary for babies] products)? There are already many good articles that summarises the reasons with good statistics [eg here]. So here's a brief summary with some additional practical points. Did you know the following?

Reasons to use RUMPs:

  1. It reduces the amount of trash that needs to be landfilled or incinerated (and subsequently still has ash that needs to be landfilled)

  2. DiMPs often uses plastic and adhesives (made from fossil fuels) that contain chemicals that can be absorbed via the thin and absorbent mucosal skin. Studies [1, 2] have found these chemicals to be hydrocarbon solvents and phthalates that are linked to carcinogenicity and endocrine-disrupting properties. Hence reduced DiMPs is not only good for the environment, it is good for health of the consumer. Disposable organic cotton pads still uses adhesives that has to contain solvents in order to work. High absorbency polymers and the plastic backing often makes the product unbreathable and leads to stronger odours as plastics are good matrix for bacteria growth.

  3. It is good on the wallet (in some cases)! After checking the recent pr