Happy Earth Farm Organic Kaffir Lime Essential oil 5ml

Hand extracted from the organic kaffir lime peel, our premium Kaffir Lime essential oil is made with no heat involved. It can keep all the wonderful phytonutrients intact. The refreshing yet calming scent is used as aromatherapy that helps improve your concentration and sleep quality or relieve migraine headaches.

Long before the extraction technology, the locals used to burn the dry Kaffir Lime peel to dispel to negative energy. Not only can the smell help improve their mood, it can also lead to better sleep quality, improved concentration, and dispel insects. Based on this folklore knowledge, we turn the kaffir limes from our farm and our neighbor’s into Kaffir Lime essential oil by hand with the cold-pressed technique to prevent the oil from turning rancid and can keep all the good nutrients from the oil without ruining it.  

Quantity: 5 ml

Ingredients: 100% pure and natural Kaffir Lime essential oil and nothing else.

How to use: Use with an aroma diffuser for general use. For respiratory and migraine issues, apply 1-2 drops on your palm. Rub your palm for some heat and cover over your nose. Then inhale deeply in your lungs. 

Return the bottle back to the shop for refill by Happy Earth Farm. Let's keep trash out of landfills/ incinerators!

Happy Earth Farm Organic Kaffir Lime Essential oil 5ml


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