Bulk Goods 


* organic  # FairTrade
Recommended container: [GB] glass bottle [PB] plastic bottle [GJ] glass jar [PB] plastic box [CB] cloth bag possible [MT] Metal tin

Grains, Seeds, Beans, Pulses

Soy Bean * [GJ, PB, CB]

Black-White Chia seeds * [GJ, PB, CB]

Chickpea * [GJ, PB, CB]

Mung Beans *[GJ, PB, CB]

White Quinoa * [GJ, PB, CB]

Tricolor Quinoa *[GJ, PB, CB]

Conventional White Quinoa[GJ, PB, CB]

Black Sesame Seeds*[GJ, PB, CB]

Sunflower Seeds *[GJ, PB, CB]

Raw Peanuts * [GJ, PB, CB]

Pumpkin Seeds  [GJ, PB, CB]
Raw Pumpkin Seeds *[GJ, PB, CB]
Baked Pumpkin Seeds [GJ, PB, CB]
Pea Seeds (for sprouting[GJ, PB, CB]

Kokuho Rice  [GJ, PB, CB]
Calrose Brown Rice  [GJ, PB, CB]


Muesli Toasted Hazelnut Chocolate *

Muesli Nut-free *

Baby Rolled Oats*

Rolled Oats*


Raw Almond [GJ, PB, CB]

Raw Cashew * [GJ, PB, CB]

Raw Walnut * [GJ, PB, CB]
Salted Gula Melaka Mix Nuts * [GJ, PB, CB]
Chilli Lime Nuts * [GJ, PB, CB]

Mixed Seeds Clusters * [GJ, PB, CB] OUT OF STOCK


Dried Apricot * [GJ, PB, CB]

Dried Figs * [GJ, PB, CB]

Dried Turkish Raisins * [GJ, PB, CB]
Dried Cranberries * [GJ, PB, CB]

Gem Cookies [PB, GJ]

Lemon Puffs [PB, GJ]

Small Marie Cookies [PB, GJ]
Cacao Nibs * [PB, GJ]

Tea/ Coffee  [GJ, MT]

Chamomile Tea * 
Hibiscus *
Bulgarian Pink Rose*

Kukicha (Twig Tea)*

English Breakfast Tea*

Genmai Sencha *

Ceylon Black Tea *#
Rooibos *
Yerba Mate *

Berry Blush antioxidant herbal tea *

Mellow Mallow Cought & Throat tea *

Lemon Verbena *
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans 

Guatemala Coffee Beans


Extra Virgin Olive Oil *  [GB]

RBD Coconut Oil [GJ,  OUT OF STOCK

Virgin Coconut Oil * [GJ]

Cooking Coconut Oil *

Kikkoman Soy Sauce
Tamari (Wheat-free) *

Atlantic sea salt

Raw Cane Sugar *

Instant Vegan Dashi (Kombu Shiitake)
Black Peppercorn
Selected spice blends from Anthony the Spice Maker (Click here)

Cacao Hazelnut Butter *


Buckwheat Cha  (green tea) soba (contains wheat)

Udon (wholewheat)

Wholewheat Fusili *

Penne *

Spaghetti (white)*

Stortini (elbows) *

Conchigle (escargot) *

Other Dried Provisions

Almond flour (blanched, fine)

Baking Soda
Traditional Strong White Bread Flour * OUT OF STOCK


Personal care

Ghar (Laurel oil) soaps -multipurpose
Naked Bar Face & Body Soaps (Palm oil free)
Artisan's Garden SG Shampoo bars

Artisan's Garden SG Face & Body Soaps (Palm oil free) 
Oasis:Skin Solid Shampoo and conditioner

Calendula body vegan lotion cubes

Vegan salve with calendula extract

Others (mend/refill) 

Beeswax mend bar 

(Beeswax, Jojoba Oil*, Damar Resin)
Soywax candle refill service 
(not-colored, includes wick)


Toiletries/ Cleaning

DENTTABS dental tablets (pack/ bulk)

Dental floss - Corn (PLA)/ Silk/ Bamboo-PET

Naked Bar Shower Steamers
Conscious Living Probiotic Shampoo

Conscious Living Probiotic Conditioner

Conscious Living Probiotic Bodywash
Conscious Living Probiotic Dishwash OUT OF STOCK

Conscious Living Probiotic Laundry OUT OF STOCK

Green Kulture Handwash

Green Kulture Dishwash

Green Kulture Laundry

Green Kulture Floor Cleaner

Green Kulture Multipurpose

Biodegradable Laundry Powder
Vermont Castile Liquid Soap Unscented *

Washing Soda (sodium carbonate)
Sodium Percarbonate

Citric Acid

Epsom Salt


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